Why I Like Watching Sports

Stanford women's basketball spring 2014
Stanford women’s basketball spring 2014 c. Beth Barany All Rights Reserved

I love watching the excellence of the human body. I love watching the clarity in the athletes’ eyes. I love watching the strategy, focus, and endurance.

A friend brought me to the Stanford women’s basketball this past spring. I really enjoyed watching the game live. Next on my list is a live professional league basketball game, women and mens’.

I played drums in high school and college for a few years, so have seen plenty of live high school and college football games.

I especially love viewing sports movies based on a true story.

Most recently, I enjoyed Kevin Costner’s film, DRAFT DAY.

DRAFT DAY with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner
DRAFT DAY with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner

I like watching football, soccer, basketball, track and field, tennis, rugby.

I’m not into watching golf, baseball, swimming, diving.

Which sports do you love watching and why?

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