Henrietta The Dragon Slayer Available for Review

I was inspired to write Henrietta the Dragon Slayer because all the fairy tales I read as a kid were always about boys as heroes: Jack the Giant Killer this, Jack and the Seven-Headed Giant that, and of course, Jack and the Beanstalk.

I wanted to know: What about Jill?

Where was the girl hero?

That was why I wrote Henrietta the Dragon Slayer.

I wanted, and still want, to have my young woman heroine fight the good fight and have adventures, and save the day.

The question I ask when I’m looking for stories to read is, “Where are the women and girls who are tough and can lead, and have to make the hard decisions, and yes, still be women?” (We get to define what that means!)

Learn more about Henrietta the Dragon Slayer and read an excerpt go here.

If you’re like a review copy, just write me and let me know. I’m giving away digital copies to serious reviewers.



Curious about the whole trilogy? Start here: http://author.bethbarany.com/ya-fantasy/.


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Get Started on the Henrietta Trilogy!

Learn about the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer trilogy here!

Have you started the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer trilogy?

To help you get started on the Henrietta Trilogy, check out this sale!

Henrietta The Dragon Slayer in on sale for $0.99 on all vendors now through the end of August 2017.


She’s a legend at 17, but only Henrietta knows the price she paid for her fame … and it was much too high.

From the Winner of the California Fiction Writer’s Book Contest comes this thrilling adventure of a young warrior on one final quest … against an opponent she swore never to face again.

Henrietta, the legendary Dragon Slayer of Bleuve, can’t face the thought of another kill. She’s lost family, friends, and home on her rocky road to fame. But when the young warrior is summoned by a King to retrieve the Dragon Stone from the last dragon in existence, she can’t refuse–her mentor lies dying, and the healing stone is all that can save him. This quest will be her most harrowing of all, for it means facing mysterious assassins, the dreaded choppy sea, and all with a misfit band–a young witch, a jester, and a surly knight. And at journey’s end, someone must die … the dragon, or Henrietta.

Perfect for fans of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Collins’ The Hunger Games, McKinley’s Hero & the Crown, and Paolini’s Eragon. Get your copy of Henrietta the Dragon Slayer today!

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon AUS
Amazon.com France
Barnes & Noble Nook

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News! Early Readers Requested!

As you may know, for the last 9 months, I’ve been working on a 4-book series, featuring Janey McCallister, an investigator on a space station hotel casino in high earth orbit.

I wrote all 4 books and now I’m editing them. I plan to release them September 2018.

So, now I’m looking for a handful of early readers to help me make the books as good as I can.

Click here learn more and sign up.

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Get My Books Free at Bookmate, Limited Time Only

Read my books free for a month for the next month with BookMate!

Use this promo code: BETHBARANY

Link to get started: http://bit.ly/bookmateBBeml

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Read my books free for a month for the next month with BookMate! Use this promo code: BETHBARANY


I’ve teamed up with a Danish publisher and distributor who is sending my books to subscription-based e-book services around the world.

An international service, Bookmate is one of those subscription services. Like Kindle Unlimited, once you sign up using this promo, you have access to almost one million books.

Read my books free for a month for the next month with BookMate! Use this promo code: BETHBARANY

PS. Thanks to everyone who voted and helped me pick a romance to send to my Danish publisher to consider for translation. I decided to send them A CHRISTMAS FLING, since Christmas stories are quite popular in Denmark. Then the publisher asked for PARISIAN AMOUR. LOL I look forward to knowing which one she picks.

A Christmas Fling: A Magical Tale of Romance and Adventure by award-winning author Beth Barany
A Christmas Fling: A Magical Tale of Romance and Adventure by award-winning author Beth Barany (Touchstone #2)
Parisian Amour (A Fairy Tale romance novella) (Touchstone Series #3) by Beth Barany
Parisian Amour (A Fairy Tale Romance novella) by Beth Barany (Touchstone Series #3)

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Not sure if my style of romance is for you?

Read the first book in the Touchstone series here.

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Summer Sale at Smashwords

Beth Barany's books on Smashwords, 50% off during Summer Sale 2017All my books are 50% off at Smashwords during their annual July sale.

If you aren’t familiar with Smashwords, one of the things that I like about them is that readers can download the e-book format that works best for them: epub, mobi, PDF, and others.

All my books are listed here

(Or copy and paste this link:

Use this code to get 50% off: SSW50

Sale ends: July 31, 2017, 11:59pm Pacific

Ezra Barany's book on Smashwords, Sommer Sale 50% off!Oh! My husband’s suspense thrillers are also on sale at Smashwords: The Torah Codes, and the sequel in the series, 36 Righteous. Be sure to use the code to get your 50% off discount.

Our Books on Smashwords

Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series on Smashwords, Summer 2017 Sale!

Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series

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Touchstone series by Beth Barany, Summer Sale at SmashwordsTouchstone series

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Books for Writers by Beth Barany, Summer Sale at SmashwordsBooks for Writers

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Award-winner of the Hollywood Book Festival and of the Mensa Sharp Writ Book Award, bestselling thriller The Torah Codes has been called a Jewish version of The Da Vinci Code.The Torah Codes series

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Sale ends: July 31, 2017, 11:59pm Pacific

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READER POLL! I want your opinion!

Which of my five romances should I send to my Danish publisher to translate?!

Yes, I have a Danish publisher and they are considering either Henrietta The Dragon Slayer or one of my romances.

I’ve sent them Henrietta to consider. Now I need to choose a romance for them to consider.

I want to send them the one that’s a reader favorite.

So instead of guessing, I thought I’d ask you!

To help me out, take this very short survey:

Click here to take a very short Google survey.

Simply rank the five romances in the order you like them best. I know — a hard choice! I love them all equally!

Or copy and paste this link:

As a thank you gift, I’m offering you an ebook copy of Touchstone of Love (Touchstone #1).

Please reply by Friday, June 30th, 9pm PT.

That is when I promised the publisher I’d send me the book to read during her summer vacation.

UPDATE: Replies are coming in! Aren’t these bar graphs pretty?!


PS. This same publisher is distributing all my fiction to subscription services around the world. More on that later!

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A Special YA & NA Fantasy and Fairytale Giveaway

Another fun YA & NA Fantasy and Fairytale Giveaway!

I’ll be giving away a signed paperback copy of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, the first book in my YA fantasy trilogy.

Check out all the cool books and prizes you can win!

Here’s a list of our 14 participating authors and the prizes being offered. The giveaway is international, and participating authors are not eligible to enter.

Grand Prize: $75 Amazon Gift Card – 1 winner

Paperback Prizes (12 paperbacks), one each to an individual winner

Under the Tress by Ashley Maker
Dragon’s Future by Kandi J. Wyatt
Ballad of the Beanstalk by Amy McNulty
Silent Orchids by Morgan Wylie
The Stone Bearers by Jacque Stevens
Shift of Shadow and Soul by Hilary Thompson
Family Magic by Patti Larsen
Journey to Nel Mezzo by Jennifer Sloane
The Last of the Firedrakes by Farah Oomerbhoy
The Dragon Orb by Mike Shelton
Glimmers of Glass by Emma Savant
Henrietta The Dragon Slayer by Beth Barany

Plus: Ebook prizes (2 ebook bundles)

Pirate Princess by Catherine Banks
Salem’s Wake by James Agee Jr.


Dates of this giveaway: April 10, 2017 – May 8, 2017

Act now!

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Snuggle In with Sweet Romance Blog Hop and Giveaway

When it’s chilly outside, Snuggle In with Sweet Romance! Hope you’ll join us!

No matter where you are in the world, be it autumn breezes in the southern hemisphere or spring rains in the north, the weather these days is unpredictable, often chilly and wet. It’s been rain here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How do you get comfortable on those cold and rainy days?

You might curl up with a good book, a hot chocolate (or a homemade mocha — yum!), and a nice warm blanket to snuggle under. What good book can I recommend?


AUTUMN’S KISS anthology, 8 contemporary and historical sweet romancesThe AUTUMN’S KISS anthology presents a lovely variety of stories by sweet romance authors from around the globe and gives you an opportunity to discover some new favorites.

While romance readers in the southern hemisphere are enjoying autumn, 6 authors from the AUTUMN’S KISS anthology have teamed up to share recipes for their favorite comfort foods and invite you to share in the bounty!

Join the AUTUMN’S KISS Blog Hop!

Many Chances for You to Win!

Here’s how:

  • First, each blog in the hop provides a chance to win prizes direct from each author.
  • Second, visit every blog and you can be eligible for the $100 Grand Prize drawing or one of the runner-up prizes. 4 winners in all!
  • Third, Post your email and the favorite recipe of each author in the form below.

Dates *Change!* Extended end time: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 5pm Pacific (12 Midnight, April 21, 2017 UTC) through Monday, April 24, 2017 4:59pm Pacific (11:59pm, April 24, 2017 UTC)

4 Chances to Win!

1 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS: $100 Amazon Gift Card
1 FIRST PRIZE WINNER: $20 Amazon Gift Card

My Favorite Snuggly Recipe

My newest favorite cold-weather dish is Mexican Cornbread Casserole. We’ve done this recipe with vegetables instead of meat for the vegetarian version. Go here for the entire recipe.


Hop On Over and Check Out the Other 5 Authors Participating to Enter to Win!

Click on the blue box to be taken to another site. From there, you can hop over to other authors’ site and fill out the google form on each page.

Recap: Be sure to visit the blogs of all 6 Autumn’s Kiss authors and follow instructions at each one in order to qualify for the $100 Grand Prize Gift Card, as well as the individual author giveaways.




Comment below about your favorite cold-weather recipe and I will pick a random winner after this blog hop ends. Winner receives an e-book of your choice of my published fiction.

See the Touchstone series here.
See my romance collections and anthologies here.

Good luck!

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Lovely reviews from Shabnam for Henrietta The Dragon + Henrietta and the Dragon Stone

Two lovely reviews from book reviewer Shabnam (Instagram + site) for Henrietta The Dragon Slayer + Henrietta and the Dragon Stone.

Here’s some highlights!

About Henrietta The Dragon Slayer (Book 1 of the series by the same name):

“This book kept me glued till the end and keep my heart beating fast. I totally am in love with the pairing of Franc and Henrietta cause why should I? It’s so exciting! Thanks to the author for introducing me to such a luscious, exciting, adventurous read. Can’t wait to dig into the next book.

For those who love kick ass female lead characters with great adventure and fights as also some romance to brighten up the mood, I totally recommend it.”



“When we come across story books based on bravery, it is always a gallant, invincible, handsome man who is the leading character and the representative of strength and bravery. To come across ass kicking dragon slayer is very rare that also a woman!”

Lovely image of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer and Henrietta and the Dragon Stone (Book 1 and 2 in the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series. (Image by bookrevi.com. Used by permission.)

About Henrietta and Dragon Stone (Book 2 of the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series):

“In the book, one can see the constant fear Henrietta has to go through for the life of her loved ones. However, Henrietta is not a woman to back down and give up.”



Award-winning novel, Book 1 of the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series

Learn more about Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, Book 1, here:

Book 2 of the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series

Learn more about Henrietta and the Dragon Stone, Book 2, here:

Book 3 in the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series

And now you can learn more about book 3 in this series: Henrietta and the Battle of the Horse Mesa here. (Shabnam will be getting her copy soon, thanks to my Patrons on Patreon. You can learn more about that here.)

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Henrietta and the Battle of the Horse Mesa Gets a YouTube Shout-Out

Yay! My first booktuber (YouTube user who talks about books) shout out for Henrietta and the Battle of the Horse Mesa, Book 3 in the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer​ series! Thanks so much Linda Karau​!!!!

She says:

“What is so really cool about Beth’s books is that they are about a heroine that does not need rescuing.”

You can watch the video here:

You can follow Linda here:

Facebook: Linda Karau
Twitter: @Lkaypj
Instagram: lindakarau
Youtube: Linda Karau, Lkaypj’s Pjs Books & More!
Email: lkaypj AT gmail [DOT] com

You can learn more about Henrietta and the Battle of the Horse Mesa, Book 3 in the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer​ series and read an excerpt here:

Henrietta and The Battle of the Horse Mesa: Book 3

Learn more about the award-winning novel that started the series here.

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