Beth Barany writes paranormal romance akin to Hallmark stories — sweet, uplifting, and fun.

“…The story was really romantic and the two of them together are just pure magic. It is rare that I find a couple rather than a single character really making a story worth while, but this one does just that.”
— Kathy Horseman

Magical contemporary paranormal romance…

“… recommend this novella to anyone who is looking for an entertaining read for the night or weekend.” — Lisa

Author’s Note: I’ve lived in Paris, France twice (and speak fluent French) and am so inspired by the cathedrals, the care the French take with their stone and metal work, and by the language. I hope I can impart the magic I see of that place to you. And as for the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s a refreshing, always-changing place to live.

“I enjoyed this short novella…” Elizabeth H., Ever After Book Reviews

List of Books in the Touchstone series


  1. Touchstone of Love (Touchstone Series #1) A time-travel romance novella to medieval France => Read an excerpt here.
  2. A Christmas Fling (Touchstone Series #2) What if falling in love put the life you cherished in jeopardy? => Read an excerpt here.
  3. Parisian Amour (Touchstone Series #3) What if a dragon lived under the city of Paris? => Read an excerpt here.
  4. A Labyrinth of Love and Roses (Touchstone Series #4) What if what you wanted got in the way of your destiny? => Read an excerpt here.
  5. A Cupcake Christmas (Touchstone Series #5) What if you risked losing your baking legacy by cooking up a love truly special? =>  Read an excerpt here.

Bonus short story

“Falling in Love Again,” a continuation of Rose and Julien’s story that started in Touchstone of Love. The short story first appeared in the compilation, Autumn’s Kiss.


Touchstone Series #1-4

You can read all four novellas and the bonus short story in the TOUCHSTONE SERIES.

More information here.

Two Christmas Elf Tales

Christmas Magic, A Christmas Romance Collection (Two Touchstone Series Books

A Christmas Fling and A Cupcake Christmas are in this collection.) More here.

All Collections Listed Here!

Collections and Anthologies with and by Beth Barany
Collections and Anthologies with and by Beth Barany

Beth Barany also writes YA fantasy to empower young girls to be the hero of their own lives. More about those books here.

Want the first book in Beth’s Touchstone series free, Touchstone of Love, a time-travel romance novella to medieval France: Go here.

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  3. My favourite Christmas memory was waiting to go into the lounge room where Santa had left all our gifts. My father would put on a record of Christmas Carols and the seven of us would have to sing our way into the room.

    Walking in and seeing the tree beautifully decorated and the lights flashing was such a joy and one that I try to emulate every year in honour of my mum who loved Christmas so much.

    I have all of her decorations, some of them over 60 years old and I know she is with me as I hang them on the tree.

  4. These look wonderful! So glad I found you. I love Paris….. And paranormal-romance-adventure! For me, the adventurous nature of many women is not frequent enough in romances. Looking forward to your work! …. And I am sure you are waaaay busy, but if you were to recommend a more adventurous one for my literary consumption, which would it be?

    1. I’m so glad you found me too! Hope you enjoy my paranormal-romance-adventures! I agree that the adventurous nature of many women is not frequent enough in romances. Not in my stories! A more adventurous one for your literary consumption? Other than checking out my books, check out my recommended authors: Diane Duane, Dana Marton, Elizabeth Moon, Sharon Shinn.

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