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science fiction and fantasy series by Beth Barany


Henrietta, the legendary Dragon Slayer of the Kingdom of Bleuve, can’t stomach the thought of one more kill. Yet, in order to save her dying mentor, she must go on one last quest. But will misfit companions, seasickness, and an ego maniacal king derail the quest for the healing stone? And will she be able to cut past her conscience and kill the dragon?

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This fun, often riveting novel offers an intriguing blend of mystery, sci-fi, and romance elements— The BookLife Prize


She wanted to make her mark. How hard could it be?

She wanted to make her mark. How hard could it be?

In 2130, at Bijoux de L’Etoile, a high-end casino orbiting Earth, you can get anything you desire.

Newly-hired as an investigator, Janey McCallister wants to solve her first big case—the theft of a priceless gem.

When her case of theft escalates to murder and points to the seedy underbelly of world affairs, Janey has to rely on her new team and trust the mysterious insurance investigator, Orlando Valdez—before a killer escapes into the black.


I’m on a mission to highlight strong girls and women in our stories, fiction, movies, and other media.

I’ve written posts on Kick Ass Heroines, Bad Girl Archetypes, the Wild Woman Archetype. To me these posts are about are strong women, girl heroes, an ode to heroes, and girl power, fairytales and folktales.

Start here: Why I Write Kick-Ass Heroines


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Award winning author, Beth Barany writes in several genres including young adult adventure fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction mysteries.

Inspired by living abroad in France and Quebec, she loves creating magical tales of romance, mystery, and adventure that empower women and girls to be the heroes of their own lives.

For fun, Beth enjoys walking her neighborhood, gardening on her patio, and watching movies and traveling with her husband, author Ezra Barany.

They live in Oakland, California with a piano, cats, and over 1,000 books.

Beth is also the author of bestselling nonfiction books for authors and aspiring authors and helps novelists through her courses and programs at Barany School of Fiction.


For science fiction and fantasy authors who want to create optimistic stories.

A podcast for visionaries, futurists, foresight practitioners, and storytellers.

Tips for fiction writers by a fiction writing coach and teacher.

♥️ When we vision what is possible, we help make it so.


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Elements of “Into The Black” (Janey McCallister Mystery Book 1):

  1. Mystery Sci-Fi Romance Novel
  2. Intriguing Blend of Mystery, Sci-Fi, and Romance
  3. High-Stakes Investigation
  4. Priceless Gem Theft
  5. Murder and Intrigue
  6. Seedy Underbelly of World Affairs
  7. Mysterious Insurance Investigator
  8. Futuristic Casino Setting
  9. Enhanced Humans and High-Tech Gadgets
  10. Slow-Burn Romance
  11. Futuristic Vision of Earth
  12. Strong Heroine with Secrets
  13. Space Station Mystery
  14. Suspenseful Plot
  15. Space Jet Travel
  16. Crime and Suspicion
  17. Futuristic Detective Story
  18. Intricate World-Building
  19. Uncovering Secrets
  20. Fast-Paced Thrills
  21. Unique Investigative Team
  22. Intergalactic Crime
  23. Exotic Casino Location
  24. Unpredictable Twists
  25. Futuristic Crime Solving
  26. Unraveling the Conspiracy
  27. Action-Packed Intrigue
  28. Character-Driven Mystery

Enjoy this mystery, sci-fi, and romance series with a futuristic twist.