3 Ways to Christmas Magic!

Christmas Magic, 2 stories in 1 volume, now $0.99 for a limited time only.

In this collection: A CHRISTMAS FLING and A CUPCAKE CHRISTMAS, 2 novellas for your Christmas reading pleasure!

Paranormal romance novellas…

#1: Enjoy A Christmas Fling

Sent to finish her education among the humans, she was a Christmas elf determined to make the best toy. Looking for a date for the Christmas party, he was a financial analyst striving to advance his career. Could they find love in A Christmas Fling?

#2: Enjoy A Cupcake Christmas

He was a Christmas elf determined to learn wonderful baking recipes among the humans; she was a cupcake entrepreneur struggling to handle her growing business. Would they cook up something special before he had to return home to the North Pole in A Cupcake Christmas?

#3:Or, enjoy them both in… Christmas Magic!

Available here: https://books2read.com/christmasmagicbarany

Short sweet bites you can read in an hour or two…

“…What I really liked about this story is that, even though it’s a love story, it doesn’t fall into the familiar trappings that typically litter the genre – Dahlia is smart, dedicated and knows what she wants – and isn’t afraid to go for it. She has a clear image inside her head about what her dreams are and is willing to do everything she can to achieve them…”


“It’s always a treat when I can fall in love with the characters from their earliest introduction. Dahlia and Liam have sparks immediately…”

–Wendy Strain

“I was enchanted with this magically sweet romance…”


“I truly enjoyed it. I am a sucker for anything Christmas and Santa related which probably didn’t hurt. … Overall the story was light, charming and just right for a pleasant escape from the daily grind, kind of like a good dessert (yes, I love my sweets). I have to say this was my favorite of your romances I’ve read thus far…”

— Beth Chapmon (Book Reviewer)

“Did I feel attached to the characters? Definitely. Kate was cute, smart, and ambitious, cutting herself off and leaving me rooting for her to open up. Florian was mysterious, dark, and handsome and I obviously wanted more about him. That might just be me, though.”

— Alex King, A New Reader to Romance

“In Beth Barany’s capable hands, you savor a delectable, charming, and captivating read. The story is romance, complete with sparkles of magic and joy, a well-wrought and captivating read.”

— Louise F., on Goodreads

“I really enjoyed this story, it left me with a smile. It made me laugh, smile and feel good! Loved the Santa twist… totally unexpected! A good addition to the Christmas collection!”

— Dodie Coe (Writer + Avid Reader)