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About Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, A Very Short Prequel by Beth Barany

Meet Henrietta in the short adventure before the adventure, where she meets mysterious fighters, and tells her tale in a raucous tavern of how she killed the dragon. And how she meets Jaxter. And Franc.

A story for those who want a taste before plunging into the adventure of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, (Book 1 of the Five Kingdom series) and Book 2, Henrietta and The Dragon Stone (Book 1 of the Five Kingdom series).

This wonderful prequel starts out on an even keel and at an easy pace.

As each page turns, the excitement and tension build. The tale is vividly descriptive.

I loved this prequel to Henrietta The Dragon Slayer. It was a fun, exciting read and definitely makes me want to read more about Henrietta and what she is going to encounter next.

This story is about 6,000 words long and includes Chapter 1 of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, (Book 1 of the Five Kingdom series).


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