Which cover do you like the best?

I’d love your input! Which one of these 6 covers do you like the best? They are all similar… One image has choices #1-#3 and the other has #4-#6.


The book description:

She wanted to make her mark. How hard could it be?

In 2130, at Bijoux de L’Etoile, a high-end casino orbiting Earth, you can get anything you desire.

Newly-hired as an investigator, Janey McCallister wants to solve her first big case—the theft of a priceless gem.

When her case of theft escalates to murder and points to the seedy underbelly of world affairs, Janey has to rely on her new team and trust the mysterious insurance investigator, Orlando Valdez—before the killer escapes into the black.

Janey McCallister Mystery series
Into The Black (Book 1)
Lured By Light (Book 2)
Gone Green (Book 3)
Red Running Deep (Book 4)

Into The Black on pre-order: https://books2read.com/intotheblackbarany

Choices #1-#3
Choices #1, #2, #3
Choices #4, #5, #6

Post the one you like the most below in the comments: Thanks so much!

28 thoughts on “Which cover do you like the best?”

  1. 3, though maybe you could have your name in black so it stands out more and then matches the colour in the book title. 🙂

  2. Of Group 1, #3; of Group 2, #4 followed by #5 and Group 2 over 3. I find I prefer the lighter, less obscure images as jumping out at me more, and your name stands out best in #4. <–Important!

    Note: if going for print, I'd reverse Name and Subtitle–In a bookstore, YOU should be the first focus and only the top shows, frequently.

  3. I would pick #4 as it’s more Janey.
    She doesn’t like to be flashy and centre of attention (like in #3#5).
    But then she doesn’t like to be hidden (like in #1#2#6).
    Hope my understanding of the books and Janey helps, but at the end of the day your the only one who truly knows.

  4. I like #3 the best because the red dress stands out the most and the model seems to be in more contrast with the setting. The model has a glow about her which seems out of this world.

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