Henrietta and The Dragon Stone June Blog Tour & Party

Henrietta and the Dragon Stone by Beth Barany (Book 2, Five Kingdoms series)

Henrietta and the Dragon Stone June Blog Tour & Party

Thank you to all these bloggers who are hosting me on this special birthday-time blog tour!

Blog Tour Spots

June 1: Colorimetry: Excerpt and Giveaway!
June 2: BookLoversParadise: blog tour and GIVEAWAY
June 4: Archaeolibrarian: Spotlight & Giveaway
June 5: Pretty In Fiction: Guest Post on Empowering Young Women & Special Giveaways!
June 6: Author site: Morgen Rich: Beth Barany Spotlight & Giveaway: Here There Be Dragons!
June 7: Blog of Author, Ripley Patton: The Inspiration Behind Henrietta & Giveaway
June 8: My Creative Desk of Author, K.G. Stutts: Book Spotlight: Beth Barany
June 9: Blog of Author, Michelle Bellon: Interview & Giveaway with Beth Barany
June 10: Fearless Fastpaced Fiction with Suz deMello: Guest Post & Giveaway
June 12: Kelley Heckart’s Blog: Realm of Writing: Spotlight on Henrietta and the Dragon Stone
June 13: Author and Editor, Jennifer Willis: Guest post: World Building with Beth Barany (plus a giveaway!)
June 13: Blog of Author, Janie Franz: Spotlight: Beth Barany Releases Young Adult Fantasy Adventure
June 14: My Cup of Poison with Author, Casey Wittchen: Spotlight and Giveaway
June 15: Blog of Angela Myron, Middle-Grade, Neo-Fantasy Author: Guest post on

June 16: The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia: Spotlight & Review of Henrietta and the Dragon Stone
June 17: Larkin’s Book Bloggers: Spotlight on Henrietta and the Dragon Stone

Special Giveaway: June 18: Meet Author Beth Barany & Enter to Win an eBook! on Catherine Cruzan’s blog


Grand Prize

I’ll be giving away 1 signed copy of Henrietta and the Dragon Stone (Book 2 of the Five Kingdoms series) and 1 signed copy of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer (Book 1 of the Five Kingdoms series).

I’ll mail you a copy anywhere in the world.

I’ll also give away ebook copies of the book at each blog tour stop.

Enter below for the Grand Prize Giveaway. Giveaway ends: June 17th, 12midnight, Pacific.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Online Party!

I’ll be hosting a Facebook Celebration on June 17th. Join us!

Celebrating Henrietta and the Dragon Stone (Book 2) by Beth Barany on June 17th 2-6pm Pacific
Celebrating Henrietta and the Dragon Stone (Book 2) by Beth Barany on June 17th 2-6pm Pacific

You can join us here!

Join me and my fellow YA fantasy authors for a day of celebrating both my birthday and the release of my book, Henrietta and the Dragon Stone.

Prizes! Goodies and more!

Update: Thanks to everyone who joined in the party! Party favors and giveaways are open until midnight, Pacific time.  Enjoy and thanks!!!!

Thank you!

Thank you to these bloggers who shared about Henrietta and The Dragon Stone earlier in the year.

Belle of the Library: Q&A with author, Beth BaranyI’d So Rather Be Reading: Book Spotlight The Muse Charmer: Book Spotlight on Henrietta and the Dragon Stone Bookworm BagsJester Harley’s Manuscript PageProud Book Nerd: a reviewMy Book Addiction and More: book spotlight.

10 thoughts on “Henrietta and The Dragon Stone June Blog Tour & Party”

  1. Ooh, tough question – how do I choose? I like magic and fantastical worlds and intriguing characters, but I can find find that in most fantasy and some sci-fi too. I think what I like most about YA fantasy in particular is how hopeful and unpretentious most of the stories and characters are – they’re learning about and exploring the amazing things in their world, and they’re open to that. They have some of the most fun adventures too!

  2. It’s fantasy! all books take you into another world but no genre does it like fantasy. It removes you from here and puts you into a new world which you have to discover. Only recently I got into YA, and it has proved to provided some high quality reads:)

  3. I enjoy having a chance to read and relax in the afternoons after a tiring and stressful day. Stepping into other worlds and discovering new realms and possibilities with my cats curled beside me and a great cup of tea/coffee while roaming those new worlds are the most calming wind downs one could hope for 🙂 Thanks for taking us into your worlds , even if for a few hours at a time during the afternoons while we unwind!! 🙂

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