Christmas Romance 2019 Holiday Shopping Guide

Christmas Romance 2019 Holiday Shopping Guide Starts Monday, Dec. 9

Inspired by John Scalzi’s holiday blog post to help authors and other artists, here my first year spin on it!

Promoting Christmas Romances!

Why? Because I love them! (Including Hallmark movies!)

Starting Monday, December 9, we start the Christmas Romance 2019 Holiday Shopping Guide, featuring novels, novellas, short stories, audiobooks, and comic books/graphic novels of all genres.

If you have published a Christmas romance of any length and with any kind of publishing (self/indie or traditional), this is a great time to promote your work to avid Christmas romance readers.

You can also find some goodies here.

*As this is my first year doing this, I may make some changes to this schedule and focus before Monday, Dec. 9.

UPDATED: There will only be one post. Here on this post all authors can post their Christmas romances.

To make it easier for the reader scrolling , please post ONLY 1 book per comment and its link (to one vendor or a Books2Read link), and a short, exciting blurb to entice the reader.

Yes, authors, you may post more than 1 comment!

All subgenres of Christmas Romance welcome!

If you post anything other than a Christmas Romance, I’ll delete your comment.

Christmas Romances of all kinds welcome — including but not limited to:

  • Billionaire/Millionaire/Royals Christmas Romance
  • Diverse Christmas Romances
  • Sweet and Clean (Non Religious) Christmas Romances
  • Inspirational Christmas Romances
  • Small Town Christmas Romances
  • Time-Travel/Paranormal/Fantasy/Supernatural Christmas Romance
  • Military/Romantic Suspense/Mystery Christmas Romance
  • Romantic Comedy Christmas Romances
  • Contemporary Christmas Romances

If you have questions about how all of this will work, please email me and I’ll do my best to answers them. Thanks!

Thanks! Please do share this post with romance authors you know who have published a Christmas Romance.

I’ll be promoting this post on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Again: Just Christmas Romances. Anything else gets posted and I’ll delete it.

20 thoughts on “Christmas Romance 2019 Holiday Shopping Guide”

  1. Magical Holiday Fruitcake Rolls

    Moonbeam Snyder thought for sure the contest was for the very best buns-rolls. She had made a recipe she had found in her Grandmother’s home, magical fruitcake rolls, for the contest. Boy did she get this one wrong. She was so going to kill Honey for this mess. After the magic wore off of course and the hot stud wizard she ended up with went home, but little did Moonbeam know that fates had other plans for her.

  2. Hot for Xmas

    Emily Garland always feared she’d end up a cat lady, but she’d have dogs instead. Her sex life—what sex life? Any time she had hopes for seducing a man, he’d disappear. Emily was giving Santa one last opportunity to bring her a mate, but if something didn’t happen by Christmas, she was giving up.

    Ever since his parents were murdered on Christmas Eve, Baas Sather has hated the holiday, so he never celebrated it. Now, at 50 and in his prime as a werewolf, he and four other pack leaders need to find a mate. But not one female in their group or the bordering ones carries the special scent. Baas had never considered anyone that wasn’t were as a possible mate. Alphas were known for their aggressive behavior and their strong sexual needs were too much for one human female, at least that’s what he’d always believed. Then a week before Xmas, everything changed when she walked into their lives.

    One careless, and if he had anything to say about it, soon-to-be-dead wolf had beaten and starved his mate and cubs. It fell to Baas and his brothers to take care of anyone who got out of hand within their pack. However, when Emily Garland, a local social worker, showed up, he’s unprepared for her smart aleck mouth. Now all he can think about is how to convince her that she was made for him and his pack leaders… and how they were going to protect her from a psychotic stalker.

  3. Thank you.
    An Alpha Alien’s First Christmas (A Warriors of the Majuri Novella Book 1)
    It’s Christmas time but what does it mean on Jaded where humans and Majuri warriors are learning to live together? Dervac has found his fated mate among the human females and his joy knows no bounds until she rejects him. He will not give up and he will claim her if it’s the last thing he does.

    Hannah has things to do and a sharp eyed, curious mate is the last thing she wants, at least for now. Can Dervac figure out what she’s up to and save her from herself? Will she let him? On a new world as a new civilization begins, will love grow?

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