For A Good Cause

Through my stories, I want to empower women and girls to be the heroes of their own lives and transport readers on magical tales of romance and adventure to new worlds where anything is possible.

One of the ways I know how to do that is to make sure that people have access to education and books.

I was blessed with a family and parents that always encouraged us kids to read and to learn. Thanks Mom and Dad!

And now I want to do my part…

I donate my novels to nonprofits and organizations that can use them.

In this section, I list the groups I donate to.

Authors, I invite you to contact these groups and send your books, too.

Contact me

Readers, if you belong to an organization that accepts donated books and would like the type of books I write, let me know so I can donate books to them.

Plus, I’ll add your information to the list for other authors to donate to.



  • School Book Donation They take donations of PaperbackSwap credits and PBS money for elementary schools in need. I donated my PBS credits and money here in Dec. 2013. In their own words:

    “This holiday season, let’s come together to help educate and support children in need all over our great country. Thanks for joining us in making a real difference in the education of these kids!”

South Africa

  • Project: Contact email: I donated Kindle versions of all my books (4 titles to date) to them recently (June 2013). Their mission, from their site:

    eBook reading could play a significant role in improving the reading experience and academic advancement of children in disadvantaged schools. Accordingly, the eLibrary Project is examining the feasibility of distributing Kindle eBook Readers to school libraries around the country.

    Our initial pilot project will evaluate the impact that the devices have on a class of Grade 11 students at St Francis College, an underprivileged and non-denominational school in Johannesburg.

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