Authors, Donate Your Books for Girls to the City of Oakland’s Community Toy Drive 2016

logo-oak023180Every year I pick a charity to donate to, usually under the umbrella of my coaching business. This year, I’m supporting a local charity, the City of Oakland’s Community Toy Drive 2016, under the umbrella of my author self. 🙂

Specifically, I’m donating all three books (in print and signed) in my young adult adventure fantasy series — the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series — to the Toy Drive.

And now I’m asking you to help by donating books especially for girls up to 12 years old.

I thought I’d mobilize my author and fan community and make sure that they had enough books this year. A friend told me that they didn’t have enough good books for girls last year. So this year I want to knock their socks off with great books for girls! Boys too, of course!

If you could spread the word via Facebook (links to the event page that’s easy to share) or this blog post, that’d would be great.

Let’s get down to specifics!


  1. Ship your young adult book — must be appropriate for ages up to 12 years old (not older, sorry) — to the Mayor’s office by December 23, 2016.

Mayor’s Community Toy Drive
c/o Al Lujan
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza Suite 123
Oakland CA 94612


2. And/or if you want to support my promotion efforts and the City of Oakland’s Annual Community Toy Drive, become a Patron of my efforts to get the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series in the hands of as many reviewers as I can. I have reviewers all over the world.

For every new $10 donated between now and December 23, I will donate another Henrietta book to the Toy Drive.




Hope you can help our local toy drive or be inspired to start your own! Let me know what you decide in the comments below. And the children thank you!

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