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Inspired by a post by fellow young adult fantasy author, Faith Van Horne, I’m sharing about the Broad Spectrum: The 2012 Broad Universe Fiction Sampler.

I’ve been a member of Broad Universe (BU) for about 2 years, a writing community that promotes and highlights speculative fiction written by women authors. They’ve got a impressive membership roster, with both established veterans and talented newcomers. Come join us!

BU has just released its Broad Spectrum: The 2012 Broad Universe Fiction Sampler — a collection of stories and excerpts from a wide array of Broad Universe authors. Check out the sampler for only 99 cents on Amazon or free on Smashwords, and see what we’re all about!


And in the spirit of Thanksgiving here in the US of A, thank you for all the support, review love, and mentoring from my reviewers, readers, and writer friends and colleagues!

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