Guest Post with L.A. Jones Author of Tales of Aradia the Last Witch Volume One

Enjoy this guest post by 25 year-old college student, L.A. Jones, author of Tales of Aradia the Last Witch Volume One.


Hello, my name is L.A. Jones. I am the author of the Tales of Aradia the Last Witch Volume One. It is about a girl who finds out she is the absolute last of her kind.

Over the years we have seen dozens of genocides occur. Luckily, not all of them succeed in wiping a certain race of people off the face of the Earth. However, what if were possible to completely destroy an entire race of people? Furthermore, what if you were to find out that you were the absolute last of them?

This is what Aradia finds out. She was adopted as a baby and grew up having special abilities. Her parents are fully aware of her powers but neither of them have answers. She grows up isolated from other people and as a bully victim. It helps build her sympathy for victims and people who are ostracized because they are different. The powers she posses vary from control over all the elements to super strength and speed. Although she tries her best to contain her powers, she nevertheless loses control. She and her family are then forced to move away. Ironically, to the same place where they found Aradia. At first glance, everything seems normal but Aradia soon discovers that all is not what it seems.

Soon she is fully aware of the supernatural creatures dwelling among us. Namely, Vampires, Werewolves, Fae, and shapeshifters and many more. All of whom are called “hiddens.” Why? Because their biggest law that they follow is that they must remain hidden from the humans. This is the only law they follow though. In contrast to the human race, prejudice and unchecked violence abound amongst the hiddens. Aradia is appalled by all this until she discovers that as the last of her kind she holds enormous political power. As the last witch, she can do things no other hidden can do which makes the other hiddens fear her. She also miraculously survived the slaughter of her people three hundred years ago. This knowledge alone is enough to intimidate the rest of the hiddens. She sees all this as an opportunity to change things for the better in hidden society. She makes it her life’s mission to promote tolerance amongst the hidden race. Using her knack for understanding people, and her special abilities she is able to open clubs and community centers that help ease the tensions amongst the hidden race.

Little does Aradia know about the manipulations that are going on in the background. The Sovereign of all vampires, who not only put her entire race to death, is plotting something sinister.  A massive attack or another genocide? No one really knows especially not Aradia.

I have long since been a “Buffy” and “Charmed” fan and so I have always loved women who could kick ass. However, both shows lacked ambition in my opinion. Yes, Buffy and the Charmed Ones had a mission but the mission was so limited. Most of all their missions were handed to them. In real life, we have to discover on our own what we are meant to do. I grew up overseas and saw first hand the cruelties of the world. It always frustrated me how there was so much I couldn’t do. I began to wonder what if I did have that power, politically and physically, would I use it to make a difference. Aradia is like this, she discovers she has the opportunity to make life better for people. However, nothing in life is ever simple so I throw in a bit of intrigue with the Sovereign.

My editor discussed many things and decided not just to have Aradia be a Buffy sort of character but also a Nancy Drew character. In the first book, she solves a murder and goes on to solve all sorts of crimes. Thus leading her to discover the Sovereign’s plan. My definition of a kick ass heroine is some one who does not just kick ass she also makes a difference. Aradia is just that. She finds out she is the last of her kind. Vengeance in her mind is futile but she realizes because she is the absolute last witch she can make a difference. The only challenges I have come across is trying to resist the urge to make her too powerful. Harrison R. Bradlow, my editor, told me that making a heroine too strong proves to be pointless. Thus I make sure Aradia has weaknesses and has a lot of learning to do.  What I enjoy about writing my series is the thought that my books might inspire people but most of all entertain them. I think that’s what entertainment should be, it should make people laugh but also help them learn.

My bio: I am a twenty five year old college student. My mother and father work in the foreign service. I also have a sister who is studying to be a psychologist. I grew up in several different countries and learned many different things about politics. I use all of this in my books. I like to establish a bit of realism and purpose in my books. I have Aspergers Syndrome and depression so I have also learned about the way people function. Most of all, I learned that I want to do is make a difference on people’s lives. I want to inspire fellow Aspire people. I call my syndrome Aspire Syndrome because I think it sounds more accurate. We all aspire to do something great in our lives.

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LA Jones is a twenty-five year old college student whose mother and father both work in the foreign service. I also have a sister who is studying to be a psychologist. More information at

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