On Gargoyles, in the Blogosphere: @Beth_Barany Author News!

Today I have two guest posts featuring my time-travel romance novella, “Touchstone of Love,” in the awesome collection, GARGOYLE: THREE ENCHANTING ROMANCE NOVELLAS. Thank you to Maggie and Lynda!

Maggie Secara’s Blog

The White Gargoyle of Beauvais that sparked the anthology and my story, “Touchstone of Love”

“Beth Barany: Inspired by Gargoyles”: http://www.maggie-secara.com/2013/09/beth-barany-inspired-by-gargoyles.html

I stumbled up a lovely gargoyle in a small French town last year that sparked my curiosity about stories with gargoyles. My inspiration sparked the collection and this post is the story of how the story came about. Hope you enjoy it!



Gargoyle_cover_Barany-Keppler-Simpson_300x483Special Giveaway! Paranormality Universe blog with author, Lynda Hilburn

My Love of Magic and the Power of the Land” : http://paranormalityuniverse.blogspot.com/2013/09/guest-blogger-beth-barany.html

When Lynda offered us group of romance authors a chance to write about a paranormal topic, I jumped at the chance. I recognize that my notion of paranormal is different than what a lot of writers focus on. I like magic, power that comes from the earth, including the stones used to build the cathedrals, and time travel.

I’m doing a Special week-long giveaway on Lynda’s blog! Comment to enter the giveaway by answering: What would you do if you could use magic? Or, better yet, were magic?

I’ll be giving away one e-book (international) or print copy (US only) of Gargoyle: Three Enchanting Romance Novellas and a $10 Amazon gift card to those who comment below about what you would do if you were magic. Lynda will pick a winner in a week.

Read the rest here.



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