Spotlight on Henrietta The Dragon Slayer

I write YA epic fantasy to empower girls and women to be the hero of their own lives.

I’ve been remiss in sharing how Henrietta The Dragon Slayer has been featured on other bloggers’ sites, so want to put the spotlight on them!

Q&A with YA Epic Fantasy Author, Beth Barany

Author, Sharon Ledwith, logo

I had fun answering Sharon’s questions. I especially loved answering the question “If you could time travel anywhere into Earth’s past, where would you go and why?”

Click here to read the whole interview. Enjoy!


Author Spotlight: Beth Barany on Margaret Aslanis-Nystrom’s lovely blog: After Writer Dreams


Margaret Aslanis-Nystrom was kind enough to post an author spotlight on her very useful blog for aspiring writers.

Click here for the full spotlight.

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