Magical Mystery Tour of Awesome Indie Authors: GHOST TOWN (Mandy, Part 7)

aia_magicalmtour2My entry in the Magical Mystery Tour!

STORY: GHOST TOWN: Mandy Part 1 by Beth Barany (Part 7 of 12)

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“Come on, we have to get out of here. She’s crazy.” Mandy grabbed the skinny girl by the arm and rushed her back down the hill.

“What? Was he dead?” The girl squeaked.

“Of course! What do you think?”

“Did you—?” The girl hiccupped as they practically slid down the embankment.

“No.” Mandy choked on the emotion lodged in her throat. She’d loved Rick, she hated Rick, but she never would have killed him. “It was my crazy sister. She’s possessed.”

The girl gasped. “Really?”

“How the hell should I know? Who else could it be?”

They neared the mini-mart and café. The girl was shivering in her coat. She just stood in front of the two buildings, not moving.

“You got a phone? My cell is dead here. We gotta call for help,” Mandy said.

“What? Oh, yeah. My—aunt and uncle—they got a phone. In the house,” the girl finally said.

“Come on, we got to hustle. Maybe your uncle has a gun. I don’t know where my crazy sister is. I want to be prepared.”

The girl finally nodded and led her to around back behind the café.

“Pam?” The girl walked into the house.

There was no reply.

“Walter? You there?” The girl led her into the living room.

An old TV buzzed the nightly news, but no Walter.

“OMG, where are they?”

Mandy scanned the run down house. Lights were on. Everything appeared in its place. Steam floated up from a teakettle.

The girl swiveled and ran back out the door. Mandy followed and picked up a piece of wood stacked at the front door.

For the next part of the story go here.

If you wonder what you’re doing here, you’ve landed into the Magical Mystery Tour of Awesome Indie Authors. (AIA)
Today I’m participating in the The Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Tour, hosted by the Awesome Indies. From the 27th to the 30th September you’ll have the chance to pick up some special offers or win some awesome prizes at all the blogs participating in the tour, including mine.

Why is it called the Magical Mystery Tour? Because it highlights the magical and mysterious qualities of some of the books listed on the Awesome Indies. Also, there’s  a chapter of a mystery at each blog, and a tour for you to take to read the full story and find the key you need to enter the Giveaway for an  Amazon gift card. (First prize is a $25 card. Second prize is $15 and Third prize is a $10 card.)

To enter the Big Giveaway for the Amazon Gift Cards: Note the name of the card in the Spades suit posted at the end of each blog in the tour. When you have finished the tour, work out which card is missing from the suite, then return to the Awesome Indies site and use the name of the missing card as the password to enter the draw.


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My Special Offer during our Magical Mystery Tour of Awesome Indies:

Buy Henrietta The Dragon Slayer at any one of these vendors: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and iBook. Then send me your proof of purchase to receive my gift, a Story Special: A Very Short Prequel of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer.

Henrietta The Dragon Slayer by Beth Barany, 2012 Grand Prize winner of the California Book Fiction ContestThis scene brought to you by HENRIETTA THE DRAGON SLAYER by Beth Barany

First off, Henrietta is afraid of magic, but doesn’t realize that she uses the magic of the land every day. She’s quite comfortable reading bird sign for guidance, something she’s always been able to do since she was very small. One of her traveling companions, Paulette, is a witch’s apprentice, so Henrietta must come to terms with having magic around her. The magic Paulette is learning takes practice. She must memorize spells and use items from nature to cast a spell. Paulette is hungry for magic and in a hurry to master it. Let’s just say that gets her into some trouble.

Secondly, the quest of this story is to kill a dragon to obtain its magical stone in the middle of its forehead, called a Dracontias. Henrietta knows that the stone can transform and transmogrify, heal and rejuvenate. But she really doesn’t know more than that. She’s going after the stone to heal her dying mentor, the only person in the world still alive that’s speaking to her and really cares for her.

9 of spades

And the story continues … For the next part of the story go here. Now click through to the next blog for the next part of the story and another special offer or give away. Don’t forget to find what you need to work out the key to the big draw. Good luck!

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  2. I agree Mary, the story is excellent, but it’s also nice to see how weveryone expresses themselves in their blog design.

    1. It is nice to see how everyone expresses themselves in blog design. Thanks for stopping by, Tahlia! Most excellent idea this connected story and tour! Thank you SO much for organizing us!

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