Components and Actions of Kick Ass Heroines by Carole Avila

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Enjoy this guest post by Carol Avila on her take of kick ass heroines.


In my debut novel, the heroine of Eve’s Amulet, Book 1 is Mandy Ruhe, and we meet her before she becomes a kick-ass diva. Her strengths are exposed later in the story after Mandy has learned important insights about herself and developed those aspects that lead to her newly uncovered beliefs, traits, and behaviors.

Mandy isn’t a black-belt in karate, she’s not an expert in the coroner’s office or a super-model, nor does she have an Einstein IQ. She doesn’t even have any particular talent or skill. Mandy lives a mediocre life, is not accountable for much of anything—and doesn’t bother to strive for anything greater. She recognizes her lack of happiness and fulfillment, yet is completely clueless as how to obtain these elusive qualities in her life.

An ancient amulet sends Mandy back in time to Texas, 1845, into the body of Carmena Luebber, a single and hard working ranch owner. Mandy has access to all of Carmena’s thoughts and memories, and knows that the woman has resisted the temptation of love from not one but two adoring suitors. Mandy understands that Carmena’s first love is her ranch, and that Carmena’s sense of responsibility has cost the ranch owner her personal happiness.

Mandy slowly learns to embrace her newfound responsibilities, seeing to the well being of her employees and using her unique insight into the future to create a healthy alternative to generating a ranch income other than through illegal gun running. She achieves this even without a lot to offer in the way of special talents, and actually enjoys the feeling of making a positive difference in other people’s lives, anxious to contribute further while stuck in the past.

In moments of precious free time, Mandy manages to explore the two relationships the real Carmena has turned away from and experiences a sense of joy that Mandy lacked in her own time. She doesn’t attribute happiness to being with a man, but she understands how much she enjoys passion and companionship with a partner. She internalizes the concept of self-love by being able to love others.


Carole Avila-Author PhotoCarole Avila has won awards for her short stories, memoirs, and poetry, and has had a play produced. Eve’s Amulet, Book 1, is her debut novel, the first in a time travel adventure series. Carole is a fan of reading and Scrabble. She loves dogs, hiking, and chai lattes. More at


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