A roller coaster of emotions: 5 Star Review for Henrietta and the Dragon Stone (Book 2)

HEN2 bk reviewThank you, babyjewelz301, for your really lovely 5-star review of Henrietta and the Dragon Stone (Book 2 of the Five Kingdoms Series).

A truly riveting tale of a strong heroine. In this second book of the series Beth takes us on an extraordinary journey full of tears, excitement and adventure. I keep falling in love with Frac as we see how he changes from the first book with his growing feelings for our heroine and his need to be her protector. The writing, plot and character development were all very well executed. I was unable to put the book down as I wanted to join Henrietta, the ambassador on her quest to save the future of the five kingdoms. It is a must read for anyone and everyone. Once you pick up a Beth Barany book, you will not want to put it down until it’s over. Once it’s over you wish it wasn’t. It has definitely been one of my favorite series thus far.


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Thank you, babyjewelz301! I’ll let you know when Book 3 is ready! I’m working on it.

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