READER POLL! I want your opinion!

Which of my five romances should I send to my Danish publisher to translate?!

Yes, I have a Danish publisher and they are considering either Henrietta The Dragon Slayer or one of my romances.

I’ve sent them Henrietta to consider. Now I need to choose a romance for them to consider.

I want to send them the one that’s a reader favorite.

So instead of guessing, I thought I’d ask you!

To help me out, take this very short survey:

Click here to take a very short Google survey.

Simply rank the five romances in the order you like them best. I know — a hard choice! I love them all equally!

Or copy and paste this link:

As a thank you gift, I’m offering you an ebook copy of Touchstone of Love (Touchstone #1).

Please reply by Friday, June 30th, 9pm PT.

That is when I promised the publisher I’d send me the book to read during her summer vacation.

UPDATE: Replies are coming in! Aren’t these bar graphs pretty?!


PS. This same publisher is distributing all my fiction to subscription services around the world. More on that later!

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