Adventures into the Unknown!

Launching: Red Running Deep, Janey McCallister Mystery, Book 4

You know the feeling when you’re at the bottom of a deep, dark well, and it feels like there’s no way out? No fun… You’ve hit rock bottom and have no idea where to go or what to with your life. You don’t know what your purpose is… You wonder: what am I good for?

Maybe you feel you need to figure out your purpose in life before you take action, and yet, when you look within, there’s no answers, only a tangled web of confusion and pain.

But what if you didn’t have to know your purpose to take action? What if it was about moving forward in the face of uncertainty? What if it was about taking action, serving others, and in that process, discovering your purpose?

Then in the process of serving others, you realize that you’re finding the resources you need, one step at a time.

And you realize that sitting and waiting to discover your purpose wasn’t helping you gain the strength and experience you needed to become the person you want to be, the person who could actually live your purpose.

You realize that by taking one step into the unknown, then the next, that you are able to gather the strength, the resources, the allies, and the wisdom to be living in your purpose.

… this is what my novel and all the books in this series are about…

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