Kick Ass Heroines in Fantasy and Science Fiction

This post is excerpted from my post at Breaking In Before Breaking Down.

David, thank you for having me on your blog to write about kick ass heroines in fantasy and science fiction.

Major confession up front: I love kick ass heroines in science fiction and fantasy and love to write and read about them, too.

I’ve recently published my first novel, a YA fantasy, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer. Yeah, she’s a bad ass!

Henrietta is a bit of a bad girl as the story opens. She’s gettin’ out of Dodge, leaving her hero days behind, not wanting to be her kingdom’s hero anymore. She’s leaving behind her responsibilities for a life in the sunny beaches down south. Her heart is hurting and she doesn’t even know it. Yet.

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PPPS. No dragons were harmed in the making of this post!

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