Review: Grab a Copy of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer

Thank you Crystal so much for your rockin’ review of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer.

I loved this book.  From the first page of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer I was drawn into Henrietta’s world.  I loved Henrietta, she’s a strong girl, yet she’s flawed too, so that makes her more normal and easier to like, but she’s still really kick-butt with a sword and she can prove it when the male knights think the stories they have heard about her are untrue.

But the book is not just about Henrietta, there are also her sidekicks, a jester, a witch and knight who make the story interesting as well as her fear of the water.  There are serious moments and humorous moments (there has to be, there is a jester).  Ms. Barany writes beautifully and skillfully and translates her words into a magnificient fantasy story that I loved and can imagine teens and other adults loving as well.  There is adventure, sword fighting, good food, ale, dragons, jesters, magic, tall tales and true tales galore in this book and all of these elements together make it one story I will not soon forget and Henrietta one character who makes a great book.  So go grab a copy and prepare to be taken away for an afternoon or evening to Henrieta’s world where dragon’s and magic are as real as the insecurities of a teenage girl.

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PPPPS. This is a very unordinary story about a dragon, and a hero, and her friends for young adults. Beware!

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