Top Ten Guilty Pleasures of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer

1. Holding a wooden mug in her hands in front of a roaring fire at an inn.
2. A well made knife that she either bought or made herself.
3. Her special rainproof leather coat and leather boots that she’s worn all along the Traveler’s Road.
4. Running the hills around her village in the Skye Mountains.
5. Doing acrobatics atop a horse with her dragon-slaying partner, Sytiphell.
6. Sharing her dragon tales with Jaxter.
7. Singing (Shh! don’t tell anyone.) Nobody knows that she loves to sing. She never sings solo around others.
8. Jenever (It’s a drink Henrietta discovers in the Oro Islands.)
9. Any homemade meal cooked by Jaxter. The man can cook!
10. Hanging out with her friends around the camp fire.

First posted by JL on An Avid Reader’s Musings as part of my Teen Book Scene Blog Tour. Thanks!

What is your favorite guilty pleasure that you care to share? I’d love to know!

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