5 Star Review for Henrietta The Dragon Slayer on Amazon.ca

HEN1-5-star-review-by-Diane-GallagherThank you so much to Diane Gallagher for her lovely 5-star review to Henrietta The Dragon Slayer!

“Barany has built a multilayered fantasy world that is not just defined by its magic but also by culture and honour. … Well worth the read, particularly for teenage girls who may be struggling with their place in the world.”

Read the whole review here on Diane’s site or Amazon.ca or on Goodreads.

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If you’d like to see if this young adult adventure fantasy is for you, start with the excerpt here.

Or check out the exclusive prequel here.

2 thoughts on “5 Star Review for Henrietta The Dragon Slayer on Amazon.ca”

  1. Beth. You have posted this review so beautifully here. It is an inspiration to me to learn to do the same. But most wonderful is what the reviewer says about your story. Especially how young people feeling lost and bewildered can relate to this story and its characters and feel less alone. That is an amazing gift to give to your readers. I wish I’d had this book when I was a girl, and as a mother and grandmother I thank you for creating it. Alice Orr

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