Beth Barany’s Next Novel Series Takes Place in Space

Yes, you read that right! My next series will take place in space. But it may not be where you think!

I am fascinated with space stations. And the future. And how we’ll get from here to there.

So in dreaming up my latest series, I asked myself, “What it be like to live in space, but still be near the earth?”

I know! A space station tethered to the planet.

But not just a regular boring space station, but a high-end hotel casino.

This idea came to me courtesy of Bigelow, a real-life hotel magnate who wants to build hotels in space. I kid you not. (Update: I just learned on a new company wanting to build hotels in space.)

One of my research projects has been to wonder what the earth looks like from space.

While seeing the earth from the current International Space Station is cool, that wasn’t high enough.

I wanted to put my space station in high earth orbit.

In my research, I discovered that the NOAA/NASA GOES weather satellites orbit from that high up.

Here’s one of my favorites…


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