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People have been asking me what’s next, so I’d thought I’d create a place where I can showcase my next projects, namely a new science fiction mystery series, featuring controversial and intrepid investigator, Janey McCallister.

A 4-Book Series: Janey McCallister Space Station Mysteries



Last week I sent out the first batch of pages to IRIDESCENCE, Book 2 in the Janey McCallister Space Station Mystery to all of you on the Early Reader Team. Thank you!

We’ve finished Book 1! (For now! Beta reads will be next year, after I give the books a good deep edit from all your awesome feedback.)

If you didn’t get any pages recently, it’s because I didn’t get anything back from you. There’s still time, though. You can still send me your comments…

Just send me your comments and I’ll send you back the recent batches right away.

(If you haven’t sent back the first batch, you still can!)

If you missed the request and are curious about being a part of my Early Reader team for a 4-book science fiction mystery series, featuring Janey McCallister, an investigator on a futuristic space station hotel casino in High-Earth orbit, then check out the information and the form to sign up here.

You can still sign up for the Early Reader team! It’s not too late. I have 4 books total. 🙂 (So far!)

I’ll also be sending out sneak peeks to my Patrons here. If you’d like to see those, sign up here to be one of my awesome patrons.


As you may know, for the last 9 months, I’ve been working on a 4-book series, featuring Janey McCallister, an investigator on a space station hotel casino in high earth orbit.

I wrote all 4 books and now I’m editing them. I plan to release them September 2018.

So, now I’m looking for a handful of early readers to help me make the books as good as I can.

Read here to learn more and sign up. (A Google form)


This week I’m taking a break from my space station mystery series to work on a script for the continuing adventures of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer and her friends. The action starts right after the events of Henrietta and the Battle of the Horse Mesa (Book 3). If you’d like the inside scoop, I’ll be sharing more to my patrons on Patreon.

Coming soon: The Henrietta The Dragon Slayer box set!


I’m working on deep back story for Janey McCallister in preparation for my editing. Yesterday, I interviewed a friend of mine who had been in the Air Force for five years. Because Janey was in the military, the Space Force, before she becomes an investigator on the space station hotel casino, St. Denis, the “Jewel of the Sky” — the setting of my four books.


I’m finished my fourth Janey McCallister Space Station Mystery and am in Las Vegas for a few days researching setting because the space station is actually a very high-end hotel-casino.

I’m walking a lot (yay!) and asking people lots of questions. Fun! A quintessential Vegas image here (Facebook link).… 🙂

I’ve been in Las Vegas researching my next series and it’s been fun. Glitz, lights, and the heat. Some of these details will show up in my space station mystery series.


I’m almost done with my fourth Janey McCallister Space Station Mystery. So exciting!

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