Futuristic Clothing and Body Enhancements: What would Janey wear?

I’m having a fun time dreaming up Janey’s clothing, and clothing for the other characters in my 4-book Janey McCallister Space Station Mystery series. To get inspired, I turned to Pinterest. Of course! And hence got lost for hours. LOL

More about my upcoming 4-book Janey McCallister Space Station Mystery series here.

Here’s some of my favorites clothing images…

Check out the rest of my Futuristic Clothing Pinterest Board here.

"Move over Global Hypercolor, colour-changing fashion just got a whole lot more stylish"

Lotus Top Made by ThreeForm

Your Suggestions

What suggestions do you have for futuristic clothing? I’d love to hear. Post in the comments below. Thanks!


Coming in 2019: Janey McCallister Space Station Mystery 4-book series_2018_11-24Beth Barany writes magical tales of romance, mystery, and adventure that empower women and girls to be the heroes of their own lives. Beth is the award-winning author of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, the first book in the YA Fantasy trilogy and the acclaimed paranormal romance Touchstone series, including A Cupcake Christmas.

9 thoughts on “Futuristic Clothing and Body Enhancements: What would Janey wear?”

  1. Mary Van Everbroeck

    Your choices for Janey’s wardrobe are definitely eye-catching, alluring and intriguing! So much fun to see! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Working investigator so no flowing skirts or rigid structures that would impede motion or fly in her face at low gravity. So colorful eye catching body art as colorful as butterfly wings or jewels without dangling or metal parts Because of weight limitations the rich go all out on the body art. Only the wealthiest wear real jewelry

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