Coffee could go away? No way!

Maybe you love your daily cup of joe like I do. So you may be surprised to learn that due to climate change coffee could disappear. Nooooo!

I’ve discovered this while doing research for my futuristic mystery series due out next year.

What will things be like in 100 years?

In my series of stories set 100 years in the future, good coffee is rare and expensive.  And whoever owns the remaining coffee plantations is very rich. (Yes, one of my characters is that owner.)

More tidbits about my coming series next week.


What’s your favorite beverage, the one you can’t live without and drink daily?

I’d love to know! Here’s a poll for you.

Share your your favorite beverage, the one you drink daily. (The one you can’t live without — LOL)

If your favorite isn’t listed, post it in the comments. Thanks!




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