5 star book review for Henrietta The Dragon Slayer by Beth Barany

books featuring female protagonistsAnother great review from Books and Authors Spot, this time for Book 2 in the Five Kingdoms series, Henrietta and the Dragon Stone.


Henrietta And The Dragon Stone is the second book in The Five Kingdom series by Beth Barany. I have read and reviewed the first book, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, and as compared to the first book, this book was verrrrry fantastic. The first book’s ending got me really excited, and thanks to Beth that she sent me both books of the series together, so I didn’t had to wait!

Henrietta And The Dragon Stone starts with a new quest for Henrietta. She is no more a dragon slayer but now the ambassador of Oro Islands. Not only she is struggling to control the Dracontias but also trying not to fall for Franc. With a new quest and a starting of a relationship, this book is a killer!

Henrietta has a girly side too! I never knew that. Henrietta has been given the responsibility of passing an important message from Jaxter (King of Oro Islands) to King Mattias. If she didn’t pass it in time, a war can occur. Franc as her guard is always with her and she doesn’t mind! Shocked right?
Henrietta is controlling her feelings for Franc. Aside from this some powerful sorcerer is after Henrietta, as he wants the Dragon Stone (Dracontias) from her. If that sorcerer united the five powerful stone he will become the ruler of the Five Kingdoms. Henrietta also gets kidnapped, and she and Franc struggle to get out together. The relationship was confirmed in that scene. I knew that they were gonna be together one  day or another. The little brave boy, Antoine, and Leoni were very nice additions. Can’t wait to read that how Beth is gonna make Henrietta finish the sorcerer. *bites nails*
I definitely loved the sayings, legends, chantings etc… above the starting of every chapter. Books featuring female protagonists are always adored by me, and this series is one of them.
So, I loved reading the second book of this series and yearning to read the third book, which is in the editing process. I hope the third book will be awesome like the second book and that Henrietta fans like it! Click here to read my review of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, book 1! Henrietta Rocks!
Happy Reading! <3

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