“Really addictive & magical” Touchstone Series by Beth Barany

Really addictive & magical, this book is recommended for romance readers.Thank you to Haniya and BooksnAuthors.blogspot.com for this lovely review!

Imagine that your struck by lighting and when you wake up you are in 12th century. Elves, Magic, Spells, this book is very nice. All the stories have been written amazingly. I just loved all the five stories. The writing style of the author is so descriptive that you’ll fall in love with the story. Every story was better than it’s predecessor. Every story had some suspense in it. Beth has done an incredible job. You just want to read more after reading every story.

There are two POVs in every story, one of a girl and the other of a guy. The bonus story ‘Falling in love again’ is the continuation of novella no. 1 which was surprising. Although I loved all the couples, my most favourite were Juliet & Rose. They were the most interesting couple. I love time travel stories, so that’s why I really loved novella 1, which takes place in 12th century.

All the stories were amazing and I can’t wait to read more of Beth’s books. Really addictive & magical, this book is recommended for romance readers. Just read the synopsis and you won’t be able to control yourself!
Happy Reading!

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