Snuggle In with Sweet Romance Blog Hop and Giveaway

When it’s chilly outside, Snuggle In with Sweet Romance! Hope you’ll join us!

No matter where you are in the world, be it autumn breezes in the southern hemisphere or spring rains in the north, the weather these days is unpredictable, often chilly and wet. It’s been rain here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How do you get comfortable on those cold and rainy days?

You might curl up with a good book, a hot chocolate (or a homemade mocha — yum!), and a nice warm blanket to snuggle under. What good book can I recommend?


AUTUMN’S KISS anthology, 8 contemporary and historical sweet romancesThe AUTUMN’S KISS anthology presents a lovely variety of stories by sweet romance authors from around the globe and gives you an opportunity to discover some new favorites.

While romance readers in the southern hemisphere are enjoying autumn, 6 authors from the AUTUMN’S KISS anthology have teamed up to share recipes for their favorite comfort foods and invite you to share in the bounty!

Join the AUTUMN’S KISS Blog Hop!

Many Chances for You to Win!

Here’s how:

  • First, each blog in the hop provides a chance to win prizes direct from each author.
  • Second, visit every blog and you can be eligible for the $100 Grand Prize drawing or one of the runner-up prizes. 4 winners in all!
  • Third, Post your email and the favorite recipe of each author in the form below.

Dates *Change!* Extended end time: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 5pm Pacific (12 Midnight, April 21, 2017 UTC) through Monday, April 24, 2017 4:59pm Pacific (11:59pm, April 24, 2017 UTC)

4 Chances to Win!

1 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS: $100 Amazon Gift Card
1 FIRST PRIZE WINNER: $20 Amazon Gift Card

My Favorite Snuggly Recipe

My newest favorite cold-weather dish is Mexican Cornbread Casserole. We’ve done this recipe with vegetables instead of meat for the vegetarian version. Go here for the entire recipe.


Hop On Over and Check Out the Other 5 Authors Participating to Enter to Win!

Click on the blue box to be taken to another site. From there, you can hop over to other authors’ site and fill out the google form on each page.

Recap: Be sure to visit the blogs of all 6 Autumn’s Kiss authors and follow instructions at each one in order to qualify for the $100 Grand Prize Gift Card, as well as the individual author giveaways.




Comment below about your favorite cold-weather recipe and I will pick a random winner after this blog hop ends. Winner receives an e-book of your choice of my published fiction.

See the Touchstone series here.
See my romance collections and anthologies here.

Good luck!

39 thoughts on “Snuggle In with Sweet Romance Blog Hop and Giveaway”

  1. Hi Beth!

    I’m not much of a cook, so I can’t contribute a recipe of my own. But one of the folks at our office makes a mean hot chocolate-with-tiny-marshmallows. Yum…

  2. Can’t wait to try that casserole. looks so good,,thank you for giving me something new to try ,,,

  3. I make a mouth watering Ham that is loved by all and a great Potato salad that is out of this world contact me if anyone wants the recipes !

  4. My favorite recipe for cold weather is my mom’s homemade mac and cheese. It has Vermont cheddar cheese in it.

  5. My favourite is layers of sliced potatoes and onions baked with a sprinkling of salt and butter and lots of cracked black pepper! It’s so moreish though that it has to be a special treat!

    1. I’m not sure if I posted the Google Docs form, as it didn’t seem to go through, so I did it again. Hopefully it didn’t go through twice!

  6. My husband and I are both over 70 and have just discovered Pressure Cooker cooking!!!! We do a mean pot roast with veggies and would you believe “Chili Beans”!!!!!!!

  7. Melissia Richard

    Reading all the comments made me hungry, especially since I haven’t eaten yet, and it’s almost lunch time. Hmm, I’d have to say that BBQ chicken from Allisons BBQ in Eunice, LA is my favorite comfort food. We live 1 1/2 hours away so we rarely get any, so it tastes soooo good when we get it. Their potato salad and rice dressing are also sooo good! Sigh, our lunch will probably be from Mc Donald’s. We live in a hotel so we get carry out a lot. We’ll be moving soon and have a real kitchen! Yay! I plan to get a grill so we can BBQ!

  8. My favorite cold weather recipe is stew. Love putting the meat and veggies into the crock pot and letting it cook. So yummy and filling on a cold winter’s day!

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