Fate and Pure Magic Leads to Their Destiny

A lovely review for A Labyrinth of Love and Roses!

“A Labyrinth of Love and Roses (A Fairytale Romance) (Touchstone Series #4) is a sweet magical novella.

The cover is beautiful.

We get a sweet taste with the vivid descriptive details of the settings and character’s images.

Romance mixed in with mystery & magic create a light suspenseful read.

Lili & Brent are engaging character’s. Lill and Brent are on a journey brought together by fate & pure magic which leads to their destiny.

Lili’s granny was fun sassy a character.

A quick perfect beachside read.” — Sophie Koufes (Reviewed on Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub)

You can see all 5 books in the Touchstone series here. I’ve already written the 6th book in this series, a full-length novel, that I plan to publish at some point. ūüôā

“…Romance mixed in with mystery & magic create a light suspenseful read…”

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Here’s the whole Touchstone Series, to date, in order of publication…

  1. Touchstone of Love (Touchstone Series #1) => Read an excerpt here.
  2. A Christmas Fling (Touchstone Series #2) => Read an excerpt here.
  3. Parisian Amour (Touchstone Series #3) => Read an excerpt here.
  4. A Labyrinth of Love and Roses (September 2014) => Read an excerpt here.
  5. Bonus short story, “Falling in Love Again,” a continuation of Rose and Julien’s story that started in Touchstone of Love. The short story first appeared in the compilation, Autumn’s Kiss.
  6. COLLECTION: (Touchstone Series #1-4) You can read all four novellas and the bonus short story in the TOUCHSTONE SERIES. More information here.
  7. A Cupcake Christmas (Touchstone Series #5  Read an excerpt here.
  8. Christmas Magic, A Christmas Romance Collection (Two Touchstone Series Books: A Christmas Fling and A Cupcake Christmas are in this collection.) More here.

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