Touchstone Series Romance Bookmarks Are Here!

I’m excited to bring out to my readers the new Touchstone series.

In this post, I share how you can get your own bookmarks. I’ll ship you 6 bookmarks for you and your friends to anywhere in the world.

All 5 current books are highlighted in the pretty bookmarks, the 2 Christmas ones on one side and the other 3 French-centric romances on the other.

Fun Fact: It wasn’t until I was putting this bookmark together that I realized my French-focused bookmarks all take place in France. That wasn’t a conscious plan! I’ve lived in France and Quebec, and am a bit of a Francophile.  Does it show?!

Here’s the list of the 5 books in the series. Click on each link to read excerpts of each book. The links go to pages on my site.

Beth Barany’s romance bookmarks for her Touchstone series

1. Touchstone of Love (Book 1)
2. A Christmas Fling (book 2)
3. Parisian Amour (Book #3)
4. A Labyrinth of Love and Roses (#4)
5. A Cupcake Christmas (#5)

If you’d like to get some bookmarks, you can contact me and be sure to send me your address. Yes, I ship internationally!

You can also get these bookmarks by signing up for my romance list here. You get the first book in my series too!


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